Chocolate Milk Cocktails!

With the launch of our CBD Infused Chocolate milk just around the corner, we thought we would experiment with a few cocktails for if you fancy getting a big playful in the kitchen! So here are a few of our favourites below:-

Chocolate Bourbon

25ml Buffalo Trace Whiskey
25ml Creme De Cocoa
Double Cream
Calm Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Shavings

The toffee and caramel notes of the whiskey perfectly complement the chocolate and cream, the perfect indulgent post dinner cocktail.

Chocolate Martini

25ml Baileys
Calm Chocolate Milk
25ml Vodka
25ml Campari

The playful version of the James Bond classic

Chocolate Rum

50ml Dark Rum
Demerera Sugar
Orange Bitters
Calm Chocolate Milk

The rich rum flavours, couples withe the orange bitters, combined with our chocolate milk, almost like drinking an alcoholic chocolate orange.

Got a favourite of your own? tag us on insta and we will feature you in our stories #calmdrinks